The Compton Landfill Reclamation Project (the “Alondra Project”) is an aggressive, innovative and holistic infill development project which will synergistically link housing, commercial development and urban forestry into a sustainable community within the City of Compton. The Alondra Project has been designed to effectively and innovatively overcome the unique and significant challenges inherent in the Compton Alondra Landfill property, which have impeded development of the property for over 40 years.
The Alondra Project will transform the Compton Alondra Landfill property into a community consisting of approximately 130 housing units, 35,000 square feet of commercial space (a portion of which will be dedicated to a medium chain grocer to meet the basic needs of the surrounding communities), and four acres of green space with leisure activity throughout, with an urban forestry infrastructure which will promote climate resiliency and adaptation, as well enhance quality of life, improve physical activity and related health outcomes in Compton.
The housing element of the Alondra Project will effectively strike a balance between the need for higher densities as a singular target, and the need for the Alondra Project’s homes to fit into the existing neighborhood so that the character of the neighborhood is not adversely impacted by the project, and the neighborhood and any new transplants brought by the Alondra Project thrive.
The commercial space will be developed in the form of a plaza and will be designed to attract retailers that provide goods and services around which community members can gather and enjoy on a social basis (e.g. a coffee shop, specialty deli and bakery establishments that support a leisurely outdoor community gathering).

The project’s greenspace element has been designed to enrich the community in the strongest sense. Included in the expansive space will be a grassy amphitheater designed to host community sponsored or private events such as outdoor theatrical performances and a farmer’s market to name a few. Throughout the entire green space there will be wide walking/biking paths. Along these paths there will be benches, chess tables, exercise and stretching stations, children’s play structures and water features to engage all ages of the community in physical activity.
Finally, located at the eastern end of the Compton Alondra Landfill property, and abutting  Alondra Boulevard, there will be a two-story community center which will serve as the situs for a variety of community enhancing programs and services for all of the communities surrounding the Alondra Project to utilize and enjoy.